Wednesday, 21 October 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad: Towards realizing error free processing of medical claims (US RCM process) and helping physicians increase their revenues.

Claims processing is integral to the revenue cycle management. Each claim for reimbursement which is sent from a provider to a payer is verified. The claim after verification may be rejected or accepted. With the increase in transition from paper-based to digitally filed claims, the electronic claims processing occupies a major part of the claims processing.

Today, the health data is increasingly made available on the cloud, which throws a number of challenges for the providers, payers and claims processing companies. These challenges are evident as security of data, on-time availability, and comprehensiveness of the data provided.

With doctors' primary focus being patient care, their reliability on medical claims processing providers is crucial and indispensible. Added, the issue of doctors lacking in processing skills makes the claims processing companies/individuals, totally essential.

Medical claims processing is a truly expert job. It requires thorough knowledge of US health insurance industry, good communication skills, understanding health coding and medical terminology, and excellent attention to detail. Any compromise, at any of these basic skills will result in churning out low quality medical claims, and hits hard on the individual doctor's practice itself.

The providers (doctors and the healthcare system) definitely need the services of medical claims processing firms that can assure reduced costs and higher profitability. It is proven that, all businesses that have been successful in medical claims processing share some common features and practices like,

·         Balancing the workloads of employees handling claims
·         Ensuring that insurance claims are processed more accurately by offering in-house training programs
·         Leveraging on innovative technologies to facilitate high speed automation of claims processing
·         Keeping the Front-end updated on skills, that will help in auto-adjudication rates, improve first-pass rates, minimize claims rework and speed the turnaround time for processing health insurance claims.
·         Providing for flexible delivery models to allow payers to outsource tasks on an ongoing or as needed basis
·         Allowing for scale as needed to accommodate business growth

BRPTech Hyderabad, a Unit of MedConverge LLC has been in the forefront of bringing high quality and innovative processes to each client engagement. BRPTech Hyderabad has achieved a unique distinction as the most successful business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider for the US Revenue Cycle Management process.

The company could achieve 40 percent in cost reduction for health insurance claims processing, with a proven capability to enable payers to scale up quickly and accommodate peak periods in claim volume and to save money and avoid employee downsizing during slow periods.

BRPTech Hyderabad is renowned for its flexible delivery models that allow payers to outsource tasks on an ongoing or as-needed basis. Significantly, the company has two decades of experience in US RCM industry, with assured capability to scale as needed, and to accommodate business growth.

By leveraging on superior claims processing software, BRPTech Hyderabad manages health insurance claims more accurately and efficiently. 

Test in Advance: BRPTech Hyderabad, a Unit of MedConverge LLC offers a unique opportunity to US providers to Test-in-Advance, to get the look and feel of our quality medical claims processing practices.

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