Wednesday, 21 October 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad: Towards realizing error free processing of medical claims (US RCM process) and helping physicians increase their revenues.

Claims processing is integral to the revenue cycle management. Each claim for reimbursement which is sent from a provider to a payer is verified. The claim after verification may be rejected or accepted. With the increase in transition from paper-based to digitally filed claims, the electronic claims processing occupies a major part of the claims processing.

Today, the health data is increasingly made available on the cloud, which throws a number of challenges for the providers, payers and claims processing companies. These challenges are evident as security of data, on-time availability, and comprehensiveness of the data provided.

With doctors' primary focus being patient care, their reliability on medical claims processing providers is crucial and indispensible. Added, the issue of doctors lacking in processing skills makes the claims processing companies/individuals, totally essential.

Medical claims processing is a truly expert job. It requires thorough knowledge of US health insurance industry, good communication skills, understanding health coding and medical terminology, and excellent attention to detail. Any compromise, at any of these basic skills will result in churning out low quality medical claims, and hits hard on the individual doctor's practice itself.

The providers (doctors and the healthcare system) definitely need the services of medical claims processing firms that can assure reduced costs and higher profitability. It is proven that, all businesses that have been successful in medical claims processing share some common features and practices like,

·         Balancing the workloads of employees handling claims
·         Ensuring that insurance claims are processed more accurately by offering in-house training programs
·         Leveraging on innovative technologies to facilitate high speed automation of claims processing
·         Keeping the Front-end updated on skills, that will help in auto-adjudication rates, improve first-pass rates, minimize claims rework and speed the turnaround time for processing health insurance claims.
·         Providing for flexible delivery models to allow payers to outsource tasks on an ongoing or as needed basis
·         Allowing for scale as needed to accommodate business growth

BRPTech Hyderabad, a Unit of MedConverge LLC has been in the forefront of bringing high quality and innovative processes to each client engagement. BRPTech Hyderabad has achieved a unique distinction as the most successful business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider for the US Revenue Cycle Management process.

The company could achieve 40 percent in cost reduction for health insurance claims processing, with a proven capability to enable payers to scale up quickly and accommodate peak periods in claim volume and to save money and avoid employee downsizing during slow periods.

BRPTech Hyderabad is renowned for its flexible delivery models that allow payers to outsource tasks on an ongoing or as-needed basis. Significantly, the company has two decades of experience in US RCM industry, with assured capability to scale as needed, and to accommodate business growth.

By leveraging on superior claims processing software, BRPTech Hyderabad manages health insurance claims more accurately and efficiently. 

Test in Advance: BRPTech Hyderabad, a Unit of MedConverge LLC offers a unique opportunity to US providers to Test-in-Advance, to get the look and feel of our quality medical claims processing practices.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad - Establishing Industry's Best Standards and Practices in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

It is mandatory that, physicians, hospitals and health systems need to complete their transactions quickly and efficiently to sustain customer confidence and remain competitive. This is more in US, as efficient management of the revenue cycle means receiving payments on-time and an assurance on greater business viability.
Each doctor or hospital that does not put the right focus on planning and efficient performance may end-up with cash collections that are lower than desired, high accounts receivable balances, frequent write-offs, and patient and physician dissatisfaction.

Adherence to revenue cycle operating standards means to follow the essential elements that are required to run a professional billing process. BRPTech Hyderabad helps US health professionals, hospitals and health systems to achieve the revenue cycle operating standards. Our comprehensive coverage of revenue cycle operating standards includes,

Capable Management: By providing high quality training support, we ensure that the health systems and hospitals achieve efficiency in billing operations. Our efforts to enhance the capabilities of the management means to establish and enforce performance and productivity standards for billing functions - coding, charge entry, insurance follow-up and payment posting. We also provide for the selection of the right IT system and configuration

Organization Model: We suggest following of a hybrid strategy that takes the best of centralized and decentralized billing operations. By adopting the right in-sourcing and outsourcing strategy we help the health systems to avail the support of advanced practice management capabilities more quickly and more economically

Consolidated Practice Management Systems: We adhere and uphold a single practice management system that provides for, work flow, billing flow, management of CMS-1500 and UB-04 claims forms, and integration with EHR. By a consolidated practice management system we help the health system to adhere with US healthcare and environment legislation.

Enforcing productivity standards: We help the health systems to manage productivity, backlogs, processing time and error rates. We ensure that the front-office errors are routed back to the clinic for resolution. We train billing managers to effectively track revenue cycle performance and identify where errors are originating and what best solution can be adopted.

Best Coding and Compliance Model: The diversity associated with scores of CPT and diagnosis codes can be adequately tackled by transition to ICD-10, introduced in October 2014. Finally, our focus is on maintaining coding programs that balance regulatory compliance with revenue enhancement. Our best coding and compliance model helps the health systems to achieve patient and provider satisfaction.

BRPTech Hyderabad's expertise in developing effective physician practice revenue cycle includes, sophisticated leadership skills, strategic vision, organizational design, management discipline, and infrastructure development. With us, the clients - physicians, hospitals and health systems as assured of a smooth and robust functioning revenue cycle process that goes a long way in assuring high impact on the bottom line of the business practice.

About us: BRPTech Hyderabad, an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management has been providing innovative billing, coding, and training solutions to multi-specialty medical communities since 2001. BRPTech is headed by  Srikant Bommireddipalli is a leading consultant for healthcare revenue cycle management. Also, as the Master Trainer at BRPTech, Srikant Bommireddipalli guides and mentors aspiring career aspirants towards building a successful and lucrative career in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Accounts Receivable and other RCM domains.

Friday, 4 September 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad - Moving ahead to realize excellence and innovation in EMR and Practice Management Solutions

The global scenario of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management presents a number of complexities and diversities.

If quality is the criteria for acceptance, it is definitely technology that drives efficient and effective EMR and Practice Management. However, efforts to streamline care delivery, scheduling and billing has never been met with complete success.

The challenges of economies of scale, and mammoth healthcare establishments with compounding medical specialties have called for continuous innovation and introduction of powerful technologies and robust practice management systems.

BRPTech Hyderabad, established in 2001, has been in the forefront of introducing innovation and achieving excellence for the global healthcare industry. We have excelled in executing EMR projects for Small, Medium and Large Practices and Enterprises.

Our business strategy has been driven by an assurance of high cost advantage, improved performance and advanced practice management system. We have put technology first, that we consider as the chief enabler of efficient EMR and responsive practice management.

Introducing new technologies meant to bring efficiency in EHR and Practice Management, and Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Services. Our collaborative business models have helped us to connect and coordinate with technology providers and EHR providers, for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Our efforts to create efficient EMR and robust Practice Management Services lead us to identify and offer innovative software that help in integrated scheduling and billing for small to medium-size medical practices.

We have helped doctors, healthcare facilities and hospitals to upgrade their EMR and practice management services. We have provided the right software and technical support to users, that helped to achieve efficiency in

·         Claims Management
·         E-Prescribing
·         EMR / EHR
·         HIPAA Compliance
·         Insurance Eligibility Verification
·         Inventory Management
·         Multi-Office
·         Multi-Physician
·         Patient Billing
·         Patient Portal
·         Patient Records
·         Patient Registration
·         Patient Scheduling
·         Physician Scheduling

BRPTech's primary objective is to provide for an all-in-one EMR and Practice Management Solution that can handle efficiently Patient/Insurance Billing, Patient Information Management, Multi-Provider Scheduling, Electronic Faxing, Electronic Prescriptions, Document Management, Off-site EMR Synchronization Capabilities and Custom SOAP/Report Templates.

About us: BRPTech, an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management has been providing innovative billing, coding, and training solutions to multi-specialty medical communities since 2001. BRPTech is headed by  Srikant Bommireddipalli is a leading consultant for healthcare revenue cycle management. Also, as the Master Trainer at BRPTech, Srikant Bommireddipalli guides and mentors aspiring career aspirants towards building a successful and lucrative career in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Accounts Receivable and other RCM domains.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad Establishes New Benchmarks in Medical Coding and Medical Billing Training.

In the present medical care system, which is driven by mandatory insurance processes, the role of medical coding and medical billing specialists is of crucial importance. In the absence of these specialists, the healthcare system may witness a grinding halt.

The trained medical coders and medical coders help in creating detailed billing records, and efficiently coded invoices, that ensure smooth flow of medical care to patients in need.

The significant role of the medical coding and medical billing is in enabling the doctors and insurance companies to provide medical care to patients promptly and professionally.

BRPTech Hyderabad, an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management has been providing innovative billing, coding, and training solutions to multi-specialty medical communities since 2001.

We specialize in EMR and practice management solutions, training and consulting for medical billing, coding, accounts receivable management, ICD-10 training and transition, and other healthcare related services.

Our service differentiators include,

·         Help organizations to achieve seamless transition to new coding standards
·         Provide a team of dedicated professionals
·         Avail the services of multi-disciplinary expert teams
·         Work across time zones to ensure best possible customer service
·         Offer comprehensive solutions with regard to sourcing and hiring for the global healthcare RCM and documentation industry
·         Create new and innovative benchmarks in medical coding and billing training as per the specific requirements of healthcare providers, insurance companies and career aspirants

Our Medical Coding and Medical Billing training programs focus on two basic points:

Provide enough exposure to the trainees in keeping detailed records of each patient from beginning to the end of a treatment process, with extreme focus on data accuracy and confidentiality

Provide enough hands-on experience to each trainee in accurate coding that will help in invoicing the patient or insurance company properly

BRPTech offers well-rounded and quality-driven Medical Coding and Medical Billing training programs. Each program focuses on enhancing the trainee's IQ and EQ skills.

By the end of each training program our trainees have the ability to work independently, and have an in-depth knowledge of medical science, billing and coding, and insurance procedures.
We prepare our trainees completely for the challenges of the work environment, and emphasize on critical thinking skills and good communication skills.

Our training methodology focuses equally on classroom-based and online-based learning. Our training interventions leverage on,

·         Formative and summative assessment
·         Audio Visual Teaching Methodology
·         Highly Qualified and Experienced Trainers
·         Excellent Lab Facilities

BRPTech offers internships and placement support to trainees who have completed successfully the Medical Coding and Medical Billing training programs.

Trainees can also pursue advanced training sessions in course of preparation for the AAPC/AHIMA certification examinations.