Sunday, 26 July 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad Establishes New Benchmarks in Medical Coding and Medical Billing Training.

In the present medical care system, which is driven by mandatory insurance processes, the role of medical coding and medical billing specialists is of crucial importance. In the absence of these specialists, the healthcare system may witness a grinding halt.

The trained medical coders and medical coders help in creating detailed billing records, and efficiently coded invoices, that ensure smooth flow of medical care to patients in need.

The significant role of the medical coding and medical billing is in enabling the doctors and insurance companies to provide medical care to patients promptly and professionally.

BRPTech Hyderabad, an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management has been providing innovative billing, coding, and training solutions to multi-specialty medical communities since 2001.

We specialize in EMR and practice management solutions, training and consulting for medical billing, coding, accounts receivable management, ICD-10 training and transition, and other healthcare related services.

Our service differentiators include,

·         Help organizations to achieve seamless transition to new coding standards
·         Provide a team of dedicated professionals
·         Avail the services of multi-disciplinary expert teams
·         Work across time zones to ensure best possible customer service
·         Offer comprehensive solutions with regard to sourcing and hiring for the global healthcare RCM and documentation industry
·         Create new and innovative benchmarks in medical coding and billing training as per the specific requirements of healthcare providers, insurance companies and career aspirants

Our Medical Coding and Medical Billing training programs focus on two basic points:

Provide enough exposure to the trainees in keeping detailed records of each patient from beginning to the end of a treatment process, with extreme focus on data accuracy and confidentiality

Provide enough hands-on experience to each trainee in accurate coding that will help in invoicing the patient or insurance company properly

BRPTech offers well-rounded and quality-driven Medical Coding and Medical Billing training programs. Each program focuses on enhancing the trainee's IQ and EQ skills.

By the end of each training program our trainees have the ability to work independently, and have an in-depth knowledge of medical science, billing and coding, and insurance procedures.
We prepare our trainees completely for the challenges of the work environment, and emphasize on critical thinking skills and good communication skills.

Our training methodology focuses equally on classroom-based and online-based learning. Our training interventions leverage on,

·         Formative and summative assessment
·         Audio Visual Teaching Methodology
·         Highly Qualified and Experienced Trainers
·         Excellent Lab Facilities

BRPTech offers internships and placement support to trainees who have completed successfully the Medical Coding and Medical Billing training programs.

Trainees can also pursue advanced training sessions in course of preparation for the AAPC/AHIMA certification examinations. 


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