Friday, 4 September 2015

BRPTech Hyderabad - Moving ahead to realize excellence and innovation in EMR and Practice Management Solutions

The global scenario of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management presents a number of complexities and diversities.

If quality is the criteria for acceptance, it is definitely technology that drives efficient and effective EMR and Practice Management. However, efforts to streamline care delivery, scheduling and billing has never been met with complete success.

The challenges of economies of scale, and mammoth healthcare establishments with compounding medical specialties have called for continuous innovation and introduction of powerful technologies and robust practice management systems.

BRPTech Hyderabad, established in 2001, has been in the forefront of introducing innovation and achieving excellence for the global healthcare industry. We have excelled in executing EMR projects for Small, Medium and Large Practices and Enterprises.

Our business strategy has been driven by an assurance of high cost advantage, improved performance and advanced practice management system. We have put technology first, that we consider as the chief enabler of efficient EMR and responsive practice management.

Introducing new technologies meant to bring efficiency in EHR and Practice Management, and Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Services. Our collaborative business models have helped us to connect and coordinate with technology providers and EHR providers, for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Our efforts to create efficient EMR and robust Practice Management Services lead us to identify and offer innovative software that help in integrated scheduling and billing for small to medium-size medical practices.

We have helped doctors, healthcare facilities and hospitals to upgrade their EMR and practice management services. We have provided the right software and technical support to users, that helped to achieve efficiency in

·         Claims Management
·         E-Prescribing
·         EMR / EHR
·         HIPAA Compliance
·         Insurance Eligibility Verification
·         Inventory Management
·         Multi-Office
·         Multi-Physician
·         Patient Billing
·         Patient Portal
·         Patient Records
·         Patient Registration
·         Patient Scheduling
·         Physician Scheduling

BRPTech's primary objective is to provide for an all-in-one EMR and Practice Management Solution that can handle efficiently Patient/Insurance Billing, Patient Information Management, Multi-Provider Scheduling, Electronic Faxing, Electronic Prescriptions, Document Management, Off-site EMR Synchronization Capabilities and Custom SOAP/Report Templates.

About us: BRPTech, an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management has been providing innovative billing, coding, and training solutions to multi-specialty medical communities since 2001. BRPTech is headed by  Srikant Bommireddipalli is a leading consultant for healthcare revenue cycle management. Also, as the Master Trainer at BRPTech, Srikant Bommireddipalli guides and mentors aspiring career aspirants towards building a successful and lucrative career in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Accounts Receivable and other RCM domains.

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